Therapy and Counseling Services


I"Traditional" Therapy involves meeting once or twice weekly, face to face, in the office setting. The therapist provides a safe space in which the client can process current and past stressors, set attainable goals, learn new coping skills and gain insights about unhelpful habits of mind and behavior.

Mindfulness Coaching


Gratitude, Acceptance, Non-Judgement, Letting go. These are some of the essential postures of mind that are learned through meditation and mindfulness practice. For those new to mindfulness or those dealing with particularly stressful life experiences having support to learn and adopt these skills can be a welcome addition to therapy or other self-care techniques.

Mindful Mommy-and-Me


We believe MOMMIES DESERVE PEACE AND CALM TOO! This peer support group is run as a class for new mommies and daddies and their infants. Mindfulness and meditation often feel unattainable to new parents, especially those who are also new to mindfulness. In Mindful Mommy and Me class we tie, traditional early-childhood-development learning and self-care for moms, together with the thread of mindful awareness. We teach new parents ways to support the development of their treasured baby while also empowering them to care for their own needs and maintain their emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Maternal Mental Health


 For many, reproduction--from conception and pregnancy, to birth and beyond--can be depressing and anxiety inducing.  If this sounds familiar, please know, you are not alone! Whether struggling with fertility, high-risk pregnancy or postpartum depression/anxiety, therapy, counseling and support groups can bolster you and help you through this difficult time. When what is often thought of, as the "happiest time in one's life", becomes overwhelming and stressful, know that there is help and support available! Please contact me for more information.