My role as a counselor began long before my formal education and training as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  My commitment to emotional health and healing was solidified at an early age in response to witnessing the distress caused by multi-generational family disfunction, mental health issues, drug abuse and daily stressors. My personal experiences have further influenced me to study and develop methods, tools and approaches that I use myself and that I share with my clients to foment inner-peace, resilience and emotional stability.

I believe healing must happen holistically and support clients in bringing awareness to the connection between, mind, body, and spirit to enhance insight and facilitate healing.  I specialize treating anxiety, relational issues and challenges related to life transitions. I use an eclectic therapeutic approach which incorporates aspects of psychodynamic therapy to encourage understanding of how past experiences create current patterns. Together we will reduce the symptoms of anxiety by cultivating skills and coping tools using a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy approach. Through therapy my hope is that you will feel empowered to make measurable changes and live a life that is in-line with your hopes and dreams. I treat individuals, teens and families in my practice.

I feel honored and humbled to be in the position to support others as they change, transition and face challenges in their lives. I am here for you as a fellow human-being and as a trained professional with years of therapeutic practice under my belt. The choice to begin therapy can sometimes be a difficult and intimidating one to make. Keep in mind, that healing happens when we bring awareness to our inner experiences, when we share our story and when we find new ways of relating to ourselves and the world we live in.